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Life in the U.K.:-

The UK has a wealth beautiful, scenic places to visit, many with historical buildings or interesting aspects of culture to explore. In the towns and cities there are also many theatres, sports-parks, ice-rinks, art galleries, shopping malls, restaurants, cinemas etc. which offer a large variety of recreational amenity and many avenues for entertainment. The UK has large populations of ethnic minorities, ethnic shops, bars and restaurants offering greater exposure to different cultures; many cities have their own predominantly Chinese area or 'China-Town'. In addition, the UK supports a huge range of interests, most Universities offering societies or clubs devoted to all kinds of interest, hobby, sport, art, music or cultural or social cause.

Cultural Issues

We are confident that your experience in the UK will be excellent, but you may need to address some challenges. 'Culture shock' is a term used to describe the impact of moving from a familiar culture to one that is unfamiliar. The following might require some personal adjustment:

Practical Considerations (weather,food etc.)
The climate is temperate but high humidity can make it feel hotter in the summer and colder in winter, especially when windy.  Remember to pack an umbrella or waterproof clothing as rainfall is high. UK food may taste different to your usual diet and 'processed' food may have undesirable preservatives or additives but there is a great variety of ethnic restaurants and supermarkets. Students are advised to regulate their intake of highly addictive consumables, such as alcohol, cheese or chocolate, to avoid health risks. Many students in self-catering apartments find it useful to bring their own 'rice-cooker'.

Although you may have learned English well, it will probably be harder to understand people than expected; people speaking quickly or with a different accent make it easy to miss important information. Make sure you understand what lectures, practicals, exams etc. you are expected to attend and go to all of them, as it is easy to miss crucial information. It is very important to take advantage of any help your University may offer and follow University regulations and advice.

Formal written English (Academic English) is different to spoken or English and the UK study methods will differ significantly from what you are used to. Make your work original, avoiding plagiarism or 'cutting and pasting' text from the internet as it is very easy to detect and reduces the quality of your learning. Contact us if you need help with Study-techniques or any other issue.

Extra-Curricular Activity
Extra-curricular activities are considered to be very important in UK student life and can significantly enhance a student's performance, especially where English is spoken. Sport, music, arts or drama, or other any social activity, can provide a rest from academic work and hence help give you a refreshing balance to your life. You may need to overcome shyness, inertia or time-management concerns to get 'pro-actively' involved in a sport or other social or cultural activity.

Social Life
Spending weeks away from home can be lonely at first. You may find other students may be shy or less inclined to initiate conversations where language or cultural differences make it harder. You may find a reluctance to socialize with others out of your social 'comfort zone'. Although it is important to socialize with Chinese friends, there is an obvious advantage in meeting students from other ethnic groups. Also it is important that you are aware of the social impact of associating in public with a large group of Chinese students, which may make other students feel a little intimidated.

Further Suggestions
Though the initial culture shock is a temporary phase, a deeper understanding of UK culture and teaching methods will obviously help Contact us if you want more information on our UK Culture or Study courses.

    • Visas, Residency and Immigration

    • Independent Advice: Edulink International, based in the UK and China, offers advice and assistance in the area of UK residency and  Immigration. We are independent from national governments and our advice is provided confidentially. 
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    • Efficient: We will do all the necessary paperwork on time, saving you a lot of heartache and frustration.
    • Good Value: Our Service gets results for a very reasonable price. Many clients choose to stay with us from initial entry to the UK, through extension and settlement applications to naturalizing as a British citizen.

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