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Study in the U.K.

What is the UK experience?

Life in the UK is varied and exciting. The UK has beautiful rural scenery, large cities and huge cultural diversity. Every town has restaurants offering food from around the world as well as many ethnic shops. The country has large minority communities of people from many countries in the world. It preserves rich history and traditions but maintains a modern developed economy with internet access available nearly everywhere. It is difficult to describe the uk experience but it is unique and unforgettable. For more details click UK Life

How can I get into a UK University?

The minimum requirement for Student Entry to a UK University depends on the institution, but most require a good standard of English for Undergraduate entry (at least I.E.L.T.S. 5.0). Postgraduate students would need even higher standards (I.E.L.T.S. 6.5 or more). Don't worry if your proficiency seems along way below these standards, as our courses have proved very effective over one year. Obviously you need sufficiently good secondary school grades for the degree subject you intend to study. We can help you approach the University of your choice to establish the necessary entry requirements. Oxford and Cambridge have their own entrance exams for which we can provide training. Our one-year foundation course is an excellent base for improving English and academic grades needed for UK degree study. Contact us, if you have any questions, or search on the links below and take note of the relevant course reference number before proceeding to the Applications page.


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