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DATA issues

In handling data and personal information submitted by clients, we endeavour to comply with the data protection regulations of the UK (United Kingdom) and the PRC (people's Republic of China) or any other country involved. Data will not be stored any longer than necessary and will be destroyed after termination of our services. we try to provide information that is as up -to -date and as accurate as possible but we accept no liability for errors. Our University ranking data is provided for illustration purposes only and is not intended to convey our opinion as to the rank or quality of a university or its courses. No reliance should be placed on such data, which is our qualitative assessment of University rank based on an examination of various ranking sources freely available on the internet. Such data sources rank Universities according to various criteria that can include student satisfacton ratings and other highly subjective criteria, which means no objective reliance may be placed on such rankings. They are indicators of public opinion and reputation. Such rankings have little value in deciding to study on a particular course. Students choosing a course are advised to examine course content, entry requirements etc., before making a decision.

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