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Edulink International Co. Ltd.

Tuition Programs:-

quote   Reference when making application for a program of one - on - one lessons with one of our Tutors

We offer programs the following A'Level subjects......

  1. Maths   REF 65MAT0910
  2. English   REF 65ENT0910
  3. Physics   REF 65PHT0910
  4. Chemistry   REF 65CHT0910
  5. Biology   REF 65BIT0910
  6. Business   REF 65BUT0910
  7. Economics   REF 65ECT0910
  8. History   REF 65HIT0910
  9. Geography   REF 65GET0910
  10. ICT   REF 65ICT0910
  11. Law   REF 65LAT0910

We also offer one - on one Tuition for our Foundation Course subjects......

  1. Maths   REF 70MAT0910
  2. English   REF 70ENT0910
  3. Physics   REF 70PHT0910
  4. Chemistry   REF 70CHT0910
  5. Biology   REF 70BIT0910
  6. Business   REF 70BUT0910
  7. Economics   REF 70ECT0910
  8. History   REF 70HIT0910
  9. Geography   REF 70GET0910
  10. ICT   REF 70ICT0910
  11. Law   REF 70LAT0910

We also offer one - on - one Tuition for our English Language Training......

  1. English Training One year course   REF69ELT0910
  2. English Training 6 week course   REF69ELT6W10
  3. English Training short course   REF69ELTSC10

If you can't see the subject you need we may still be able to help so don't hesitate to contact us....
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