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Foundation Course Programs:-

quote   Reference when making application for a foundation course in the UK

Each course contains the following compulsory modules......

  1. I.T.   REF 67ITF0910
  2. English   REF 67ENF0910
  3. Study Skills   REF 67SSF0910
  4. Culture   REF 65CUF0910

We also offer a Choice of up to 3 extra Foundation Course Modules among the following......

  1. Maths   REF 70MAF0910
  2. English   REF 70ENF0910
  3. Physics   REF 70PHF0910
  4. Chemistry   REF 70CHF0910
  5. Biology   REF 70BIF0910
  6. Business   REF 70BUF0910
  7. Economics   REF 70ECF0910
  8. History   REF 70HIF0910
  9. Geography   REF 70GEF0910
  10. ICT   REF 70ICF0910
  11. Law   REF 70LAF0910

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